There is one thing no one must forgot at Christmas and that is ??????? THE CHRISTMAS TURKEY, don't worry we have it covered for you.

Below there is information on the most important part of Christmas the famous Christmas Turkey ready and prepared for the oven, that we have been rearing and selling to our north east customers for the 8th year running.  


This year we are offering our customers three different turkey's as shown below with prices per Kilogram:
Standard Indoor: this bird is your normal turkey reared in a spacious shed to allow general behaviour to be exhibited instead of mass production systems.
Bronze Outdoor: This bird is raised within a turkey ark with a concrete yard for occasional outdoor access when weather allows, instead of being isolated in large commercial artificial barns.
Standard Outdoor: This is your normal white turkey reared in an outdoor environment of a turkey ark for the best succulent turkey available.
 All the above turkey's can be purchased either as:
*Whole bird including wings & legs.
*Crowns, this is the body of the turkey without legs and wings. 
*Butterflies, this is the breast of the turkey not including any bones, solely meat.  
*A Turkey Joint, this is turkey deboned and rolled, solely meat.

WHOLE TURKEY approx 4-8kg

We suggest you should purchase 1 Kg of Turkey per person for dinner.

Breeds Rearing SystemPrice per Kg40% CLC Discount Price per Kg
StandardIndoor£ 9.00£ 5.40
BronzeOutdoor£10.50£ 6.30
StandardOutdoor£ 9.50£ 5.70

CROWN approx 3-7kg
We sell Turkey crowns as they are a very popular option for our customers. We suggest you should purchase 1 Kg of Turkey per person for dinner.

BreedsRearing SystemPrice per Kg 40% CLC Discount Price per Kg
StandardIndoor£10.00£ 6.00
BronzeOutdoor£11.50£ 6.90
StandardOutdoor£10.50£ 6.30

BUTTERFLY approx 2-5kg
We are also selling butterflies now prices are below, we recommend 0.5kg per person due to the butterflies being boneless

BreedsRearing System Price per Kg40% CLC Discount Price per Kg
StandardIndoor£10.50£ 6.30
BronzeOutdoor£12.00£ 7.20
StandardOutdoor£11.00£ 6.60

TURKEY JOINT approx. 2-4Kg

 This year we have added Turkey joints to our selection of christmas turkey products. The joint is turkey deboned and rolled into a joint for a smaller family customers. We recommend 0.5Kg per person for dinner.
BreedsRearing SystemPrice per Kg 40% CLC Discount Price per Kg
StandardIndoor £ 9.50£ 5.70 
BronzeOutdoor£10.50£ 6.30 
StandardOutdoor £10.00£ 6.00 

This discount will be applied to every year that a customer purchases our christmas turkey products. We will offer a 5% discount on the advertised price each year up to a maximum 40% discount over an 8 year period. For our launch year 2017 of this discount scheme, we are offering all customers with the maximum discount to promote our community payback scheme.
If you would like to order please do so at your earliest possibility as numbers are limited.
Orders taken via Telephone on 07944 940254 or email: or use our website contact form.