THE HAPPY HEN HOLIDAY CAMP is a subsiduary to Shields Farming Co. Ltd. offering Hens a relaxing break time their owners enjoy themselves on holiday

At THE HAPPY HEN HOLIDAY CAMP we allow you the hen owner to go away on holiday knowing your hens are being cared for by professionals.

You can be reassured that your hens are in the best possible hands and there is no need to worry about your girls as they will be just fine.

We accomodate stays from 2 nights upto 3 Months, we also do hospital stays where there is not a guaranteed day for collection due to illness.

The Happy Hen Holiday Camp is now in its 8th year of operation and the service that all our residences have received has been first class.


We charge £10 per hen per week which equates to £1.48 per night per hen.


All we ask of you is to come along with your hens and their Feeder and Drinker, because as many of you will be aware our farm operates with very high bio-security and hygiene regulations and that is why we ask you to bring your own equipment.


We will provide the accomodation and Layers Pellets, if you feed your hens afternoon treats or alternative food you will have to bring that along with you too. 


If you are interested in THE HAPPY HEN HOLIDAY CAMP  please do not hesitate to contact us via email:


or telephone 07944 940254 We look forward to hearing from you.


For an application form you may visit the downloads page where there will be a document for you to download and forward via email to