Shields Dairies are now able to offer our customers the opportunity to receive a large varied product range of organic and non-organic direct to your doorstep. Please read on for further details.

You may know we cover a vast part of Northumberland with our doorstep egg delivery service since 2007. We are now in a unique position to allow our customers to benefit further from other farm produce.

Teviotdale are now distributing ACORN ORGANIC MILK, due to customer demand for organic milk produce along with a number of accompanying product lines. We are now bringing back more top quality produce in a number of areas in Northumberland.

Our deliveries will take place in all our current delivery areas encompassing as far south as Seaton Delaval and as far north as Alnwick.

The deliveries will take place on a tuesday evening, wednesday morning, friday evening and Saturday morning depending upon where you live in the county.

The payment system will be incorporated into the current egg payment system. You have the option to pay monthly via BANK TRANSFER or CASH on delivery.

The current product range is listed below:

Pasteurised Organic milk (In pint glass bottles to be returned)

Skimmed, semi or whole milk 60p per pint


Unhomogenised whole milk in 1 litre HDPE bottles £1.15

Orange Juice (Not organic) in pint glass bottle to be returned £1.15 per pint


Organic Cream in 284ml pots

Single   £1.00     Whipping   £1.10     Double   £1.20


 250g Organic Farmhouse Butter (slightly salted) £2.25

 500ml Kefir £3.90


Lye Cross Organic Cheese in 245g blocks

Red Leicester   £2.80       Double Gloucester   £2.80

Cheddar - Mild   £2.70     Cheddar - Mature   £2.90 


Yeo Valley Yoghurt Range - to be ordered and delivered fortnightly

Natural Wholemilk Yoghurt   150g   60p

Healthy Creme Fraice            200g   £1.05

Natural Wholemilk Yoghurt   500g   £1.55

Natural Fat Free Yoghurt       500g   £1.55

Peach & Apricot Yoghurt   450g   £1.65

Rhubarb Yoghurt 450g  £1.65 

Limited Edition (Flavours change depending upon season)  450g   £1.65

Greek Style Natural   450g   £1.90

Little Yeos Childrens Pots   4x 90g   £1.80

Strawberry Pots   4x 120g   £1.80

Greek & Honey Pots   4x 100g   £1.80

Fruity Favourites Pots   4x 120g   £1.80 




You will find this product range is superior. All milk is pasteurised to keep the standard of product as uniform as possible also keeping the quality at the same time.

If you wish to join the Milk Train please feel free to contact our delivery team @ or 07944 940254 or direct message via Facebook @ Shields Farming Co.

We look forward to welcoming you on the journey with us; to help protect the planet from high food miles, while helping farmers and their livestock.